Ways to Make Molds and Casts

Curious about how ComposiMold can be used?

ComposiMold enables you to create many unique projects! Below is an ever-growing list highlighting many of these diverse applications. Click on the highlighted text to learn more about that category.

Remember, the best way to learn about how ComposiMold works is to dive right in! Don't worry...it's reusable!
Train casting made from a 3-D printed train

Compatible Casting Materials

Press or pour casting materials

ComposiMold can be used with a variety of materials including:

People Who Make Molds with ComposiMold

Prof. Helene Farrar using the reusable mold making material

The unique benefits of ComposiMold interests artists to inventors. Our customers are as diverse as their projects. It is used by:

  • Artists
  • Sculptors
  • Designers
  • Crafters
  • Teachers/Students
  • (Science, art, and Industrial design classes, camps, high school, and college)
      Used at
    • Rhode Island School of Design
    • University of Maine at Orono
    • University of Maine at Augusta
    • University of Southern Maine
    • Bowdoin College (ME)
    • University of Montana
    • Gettysburg High School (PA)
    • Los Lunos High School (NM)
    • University of New Hampshire And many moreā€¦

Other Uses

Use your imagination! ComposiMold is a rubbery, flexible, organic polymer that can be used for many applications including:

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