ImPRESSive Putty-100% Reusable Mold Making Putty

ImPRESSive Putty (ReMold Putty) requires no mixing or weighing. It is Eco-Friendly, Re-Usable, and Microwaveable too! Just press the object you want to duplicate into the molding putty or press the ImPRESSive Putty onto your object. It works like silicone molding putty, just better.

ImPRESSive Putty is:
  • 1 Part Mold Making Material (No Mixing or Weighing)
  • Great for Higher Temperature Casting Materials
  • Easy to Use (and Microwavable)
  • Re-meltable and Re-usable Mouldmaking!
  • Eco-friendly
  • Works like silicone putty, except it's re-usable!

How to Make Awesome Molds using ImPRESSive Putty:

  • Place the molding Putty in the included microwavable bag.

  • Add 8 drop of the Activator to the bag (no mixing required).

  • Seal the bag with the included tie.

  • Heat the Putty in the microwave until it is soft or becomes dough or clay like with no clumps (see estimated microwave times below). Caution!! IT IS VERY HOT. 


Microwave times (estimates-times will vary)


14 seconds (no bag or activator required)


15 second intervals until melted (approx. 30-60 secs. total)


30 second intervals until melted (approx. 2 mins total)

You can also melt in a double boiler.

Let the Putty sit at room temp until cool to the touch. Stick in fridge to cool faster.

Knead the putty for several minutes to allow the activator to mix evenly. Use a rolling pin and your fingers to smooth the putty. Remove all the lines in the Putty. If you are planning on moving your mold before it solidifies place it on a plate. When necessary, apply cooking oil to your hands (if sticky). Next, push the Re-Usable molding putty over your master part or push the master part into the putty. Let the Re-Usable molding putty solidify. The master object is ready to be removed from the mold when the putty does not deform when pressed with your finger. At room temp leave the mold overnight or you can move your mold to the freezer to solidify faster. Wait 1 hour before DE-molding the object. Remove the master part from the Re-Usable molding putty, apply a Mold Release if / when necessary to the mold, and pour or press in your casting material.

With the ImPRESSive putty, many casts can be made with the same mold including wax, and plastic casts. When you finish making duplicate parts, re-use the Re-Usable moulding putty to make more molds and cast parts. The unique aspect of ReMold Putty is that it can be continuously remelted and reused to make new, unique custom molds.

Mold Making Tips
  • Wait for the putty to cool to about 80 Fahrenheit before molding, at higher temps it will slowly droop losing its shape. In some situations where drooping may be beneficial use it at higher temps. (Be careful of burns)
  • Knead and Smooth the putty surface before attempting to create a mold to avoid creating unwanted lines.
  • Wash and thoroughly dry your hands before shaping to prevent sticking to hands.
  • The Putty can be carved and sculpted - When molding a sculpture or carving that was created from the Reusable putty, coat it with a mold release such as cooking oil or other safe mold releases.
  • Molds will last as long as they are kept out of direct sun and high temps.
  • Place putty in bag after use to keep the leaking activator contained.

Important note
The activator is important for solidifying the mold and useful as a built in mold release, but it will slowly leak out of the mold over time. Too much activator on the mold surface is undesirable, remove the excess and pools of the activator with a sponge or dry cloth before pouring your casting resin.