Creative Concrete Castings with ComposiMold Molds

Just Re-Melt to Re-Use.
Make Unique One-of-a-kind Concrete Statuaries, stepping stones, rock walls, sculptures, and water baths. Mold sizes range from a couple of cubic inches to the size of a bird bath.

All You Need to Get Started is:
One 40 ounce container of ComposiMold and a small container of Bubble Buster.

Making a ComposiMold for Your Concrete Creation: Follow the basic instructions on our How it Works Page to make a mold with ComposiMold. The tips below will set you up for success when using concrete to make your castings.

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Steps to Creating Successful Concrete Castings in a ComposiMold mold:
With ComposiMold, making molds and concrete or cement castings is very easy. Follow the steps below to learn how.

1. Prepare your original part by securing it to the bottom of your mold box with clay or hot glue. (Tip: Hollow objects can be filled with sand and plugged with clay to keep them from floating once you pour your ComposiMold.) Apply a mold release, then Bubble Buster, and place it into a container that can hold the ComposiMold.

2. Melt the ComposiMold .

3. Pour the ComposiMold over your original and let it solidify.

4. Separate the original from the ComposiMold mold.

5. Apply a mold release to the ComposiMold mold.

6. Mix your concrete per product instructions.

7. Pour and press the concrete into your ComposiMold Mold.

8. Try to wait patiently as it cures. (The longer you wait to stronger your cast will be.)

9. Separate your cast part from the ComposiMold mold and admire your work.

Mold Release Information:
Applying a mold release (or release agent) will allow your model to be easily separated from the ComposiMold. Applying a mold release to the mold before casting will also minimizes wear and tear on the mold. This is important if you are using the mold to make many reproductions. Bubble Buster is useful for the making of the mold as it reduces bubble formation in the ComposiMold.

Molds releases that work with concrete include: • Vegetable Oil (Pam Spray is nice)
• Mineral Oil
• Petroleum Jelly
• Soap
• Motor Oil
• Spray Lubricants (WD40, ArmorAll)
Apply a light mist coating over the entire surface of the model and surrounding forms (any surface that will come in contact with the ComposiMold).

Wipe off the mold release after to make sure you do not have too much. You can also use a clean paint brush or cloth to brush the release agent over the surface of the model and surrounding forms. Make sure that intricate detail, undercuts and hard to reach areas are coated as thoroughly as possible.

Examples of Casts in Concrete

Concrete Castings made with ComposiMold Mold Making Materials Concrete Castings made with ComposiMold Mold Making Materials

This bird and welcome sign, pictured on the left, was cast with concrete with red concrete coloring added. The turtle, on the right, used Quickcrete rapid curing concrete.

Concrete Castings in ComposiMold

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