Chocolate, Fondants, Gum Paste Molds and Castings

Imagine decorating wedding and birthday cakes with customized chocolate and fondant shapes. With ComposiMold you can easily make your own chocolate molds or fondant molds instead of trying to find a plastic mold or using silicone molds that can only be used one time.

Make your own custom molds with ComposiMold. Makes beautiful chocolate or fondant molds and when you are finished, re-melt to make another unique creation.

In many instances you want a mold of something truly unique and personal for you or a catering client, If you have the need for truly unique chocolate or fondant mold designs, then ComposiMold is all you need. With ComposiMold mold making materials, you are able to make as many unique molds as you want with only one container! Unlike silicone molds that can be made into one mold, ComposiMold can be re-melted and re-used to make up to 35 unique molds. Certified safe for food mold making applications.

Making a ComposiMold Chocolate Mold:
Follow the basic instructions on our How it Works Page to make a mold with ComposiMold. The tips below will set you up for success when using food items as your casting material.

Custom Chocolate Mold Making Material Custom Chocolate Mold Making Material Custom Chocolate Mold Making Material

The Key to Creating Successful Chocolate Castings in a ComposiMold:
Make your molds quickly and easily by melting the ComposiMold in your microwave, double boiler, or a chocolate melter also works great for melting ComposiMold. The process for shiny, beautiful chocolate molds that are truly unique is the following:

1. Cool your ComposiMold in the freezer for a few hours to solidify your mold.

2. Melt your chocolate per product instructions. (See below for our tips and tricks for this step.)

3. Remove Mold from the freezer.

4. Lightly coat your mold with a food safe mold release such as vegetable oil.

5. Pour the melted chocolate into your unique mold using a spoon, stick, or brush to fill the mold. Tap the bottom and sides to get air bubbles out of the chocolate. (If you skip the tapping step you may end up with little holes in your cast.) You may also like using a squeeze bottle to push the chocolate into small openings and crevices.

6. Cool the chocolate in the mold by placing in the refrigerator or freezer.

7. De-Mold by peeling the mold away from the delicious treat as much as possible so you don't put a lot of pressure on the chocolate.

8. Enjoy your one of a kind custom chocolate castings. Don't forget: When you have made all the chocolate casts that you want with one mold, it can be remelted to make other molds.

Try Making Fondant Castings in a ComposiMold:
You can easily create a cast in your mold with fondant or gum paste too! This can be done by using the "push mold" technique. Once your ComposiMold has cooled back to original rubbery consistency, remove your original part and simply press the fondant or gum paste into the mold. You can also use a "2 part mold" technique and press a ball of fondant in between the two portions of your mold. Coloring can be added to the fondant before or after you make your cast.
Tip: Be careful not to warp the fondant casting when removing it from your mold. You can "bend" the mold away from the cast and let the cast "fall" out of the mold.

Fondant Push Mold

Chocolate Lollipop Molds
After you make your chocolate molds, add a lollipop stick into the chocolate before it hardens. Secure the stick in the chocolate mold with a little extra chocolate over the back of the stick. (See the video below to learn how to create the "channel" for the lollipop stick.)

Our Tips and Tricks for Melting Chocolate
You can melt your chocolate for your molds either in a microwave or a double boiler. In the microwave, place the chocolate in a microwave safe bowl (paper cups are nice) and heat it in 30 second interval. Stir after each interval. If you don’t stir it, it is difficult to see that it is melted because the chocolate does not change shape. Depending on the amount of chocolate you are melting, times will range from 30 seconds to several minutes. Don’t melt more chocolate than you can use in your molds in 5 minutes. It will start hardening!

Using a double boiler is more work, but does melt the chocolate nicely. Heat the water to over 80 degrees F. Put the chocolate in the top container. Make sure that the chocolate does not hit the bottom of the bottom pan and do not mix chocolate and water. Water will ruin the chocolate.

I do not recommend placing the chocolate directly in a pan on the stove because that will likely burn the chocolate and make a mess.

When the chocolate is melted, but before you put it in your molds, you can add nuts, M&Ms, or hard candies into your chocolate. Just stir the pieces into the melted chocolate and then pour into your mold.

Custom Chocolate Mold Making Material Custom Chocolate Mold Making Material

To view all ComposiMold-FC (Food Contact) products and accessories for chocolate and fondant casting go to our ComposiMold Order Page.

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